6 Reasons to Implement a Cogeneration

7 Jun 2017

Cogeneration involves the simultaneous production in the same facility, from the same source of primary energy, of thermal energy on one hand, and of electricity on the other hand, both forms of energy being used.

Cogeneration plant uses more efficient the primary fuel to produce heat and energy than the conventional separated methods do. This means that the electricity and heat, produced locally and simultaneously, will cost about 50% less compared to the traditional version of buying electricity from the grid and producing heat in a thermal boiler.

Why implement a cogeneration in your plant?

  1. Increase your company’s profitability, by significantly optimizing the costs and energy use. The companies that have implemented a cogeneration benefit from savings of up to 40% on their energy bill.
  2. Contribute to environment sustainability, by reducing the amount of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere. In this way you become “best friends” with the nature as cogeneration help reduce with at least 10% the carbon dioxide emissions.
  3. Become independent from the power grid and you benefit from safe power supply. The cogeneration engine also serves as backup generator, so you can forget about interruptions in power supply.
  4. Cogeneration increases the adaptability of the heating system. The companies use boilers to produce warm water or steam for various uses, from heating up workspaces to sterilization processes. By implementing a cogeneration will increase your ability to generate heat and to reduce the dependency on boilers.
  5. Thanks to advances in technology, there is a wide range of efficient cogeneration that are available to companies in all economic sectors: industry, hotels, hospitals, office buildings, restaurants, SPAs, greenhouses etc.
  6. You have the opportunity to access non-refundable financing of up to 6 million euro for the implementation of a cogeneration through the Operational Program Large Infrastructure (POIM)(available only for Romania).