Compensating transformer losses

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Why compensate reactive energy losses in transformers?

  • Because it is a quick energy efficiency solution with immediate results, visible in the energy bill.
  • Because Servelect is committed, based on a contract, to reduce the costs of the reactive energy.

Description of the solution proposed by Servelect:

Very often, we encounter in the field customers connected to the electric power network by means of a large capacity transformer, working at an extremely reduced load.

This situation occurs in the following cases:

  • Either the customer was located in the past on a very large energy consuming industrial site, which subsequently reduced its activity significantly.
  • Or in the customer’s location an investment is projected to be implemented in stages and during the initial stages the transformer installed operates below capacity.

Whatever the reason for which a consumer uses a transformer below its capacity, the best cost-effective solution is to compensate the reactive energy losses in the transformer.

Given the fact that the transformer operates below its capacity, the consumption of active energy are low, while the reactive energy losses account for up to 80% of the energy bill.

Your benefits from the solution implementation:

Economic – By installing properly sized modules for compensating the losses in the transformer, the amount of your reactive energy bill is reduced by up to 80%, therefore the investment is paid back in less than 2 months from installation.
Technical – The availability level of the transformer increases (the load decreases).

Hundreds of project implemented all over the country:

Comelf, Bamesa Otel, Assa Abloy, Napochim, Napomar, Chimica, Jidvei, Hidroconstructia, RADJ Cluj etc.

Compensate up to 80% of the reactive energy losses in the transformer! Contact Us: