Energy Monitoring System

What is the Measurement and Verification System (MOVI)?

    • sistem cloud

      A cloud storage system and an active energy management tool.

    • management activ

      Flexible tool that enables the continuous development of the application

    • sistem de masurare si verificare

      Essential both in savings determination and in exact tracking of energy use

    • de ce svt

      System compatible with the International Measurement and Verification Protocol of Energy Savings (IPMVP).

    • iso 50001

      Useful tool in the implementation and application of the Energy Management Standard ISO 50001.

What does MOVI system offer?


  • Great power of data processing
  • Flexible graphical interfaces and easy to analyze, which provides value-added information


  • Protection regarding data loss measured (24/7) by making back-ups at regular intervals
  • Safety on data privacy by securing with firewalls and passwords on access levels


  • Centralization and Cloud storage of measured data
  • Access to data anytime, from anywhere in the world
  • Access to data by multiple users


  • Integration of different data of utilities used
  • Adding new points of consumption
  • Visualizing in the same graphical interface of different points of consumption/working points, geographically dispersed

How does the Measurement and Verification System (MOVI) work?

energy monitoring system

What are your benefits after implementing the MOVI system?

  • Access to an interactive interface that allows you to visualize measured sizes in graphical form with real time changes.
  • Analyze the energy use and related costs on different applications or time periods.
  • Make a rapid assessment of energy use, by automatic framing in a band/load profile.
  • Evaluate the key performance indicators (KPI), establish consumer trends and track the evolution of energy efficiency in time, correlated with the influence factors.
  • Measure and verify the energy savings achieved.

Energy savings cannot be determined directly because they represent, in fact, the lack of energy use. Thus the savings are quantified by measuring and comparing the use before and after the implementation of energy efficiency solutions, and also making the necessary adjustments, in order to relate to the same environmental conditions.

real time notification system

By implementing the MOVI measurement and verification system offered by Servelect you get an overview on the effectiveness of implementing optimization projects, by monitoring the use/the energy costs before and after implementation of solutions. 

  • Alarms alert

Configure alarms to identify the use and exceeded costs thresholds, to identify the lack of measurements or detection of anomalies in use. Thus, you are alerted by alarms (via SMS, e-mail or when you log in the graphical interface) where the set values/use limits are exceeded.

  • Keeping a diary of activities, by filling in the predefined fields.
  • Highlighting the impact on the environment by calculating the CO2 emissions.
  • Free online service during the warranty period.
  • User manual and training at your location.
  • Consultancy in engineering and technical support offered by Servelect specialists, for harnessing the information generated by the system:

1. Identifying processes optimization solutions, that are technically and economically feasible.

2. Identifying optimal financing solutions, for integrated implementation of feasible projects.

3. Technical assistance and regular energy-related visits performed by Servelect specialists.

4. Active energy management through timely identification of problems occurred and proposal of corrective measures.

5. Energy performance evaluation compared with the company’s objectives and with other companies in the market with a similar profile of activity.

Do you want to benefit from a flexible tool that helps you actively monitor consumption and efficiency of implemented energy optimization projects?