Why would we finance the energy efficiency solutions you want to implement?

Because we thereby prove once again that we take responsibility for energy performance. We implement the efficiency solutions and get returns on investment from the savings actually generated. We set things in motion and actually cut down your energy bill.

Description of the funding systems proposed by Servelect:

An increasingly frequent situation encountered among the power consumers in Romania is the following:

“Yes, we want to reduce our power consumption and costs! We are willing to invest in energy efficiency projects, but, unfortunately, we do not have the required liquidity!” What to do in such circumstances?

We offer you the amount of money you need to reduce your manufacturing costs and to become more competitive on the market! How is this possible?

By the ESCO concept: We implement on our expense the energy efficiency solutions resulted from the Energy Audit, you obtain immediate benefits, and we recover our investment from the savings generated!

Example of ESCO funding scheme for the solutions implemented as a result of the Energy Audit:

Your benefits:

Obtaining immediate economic benefits, without investment or negative impact of cash flow.
Guaranteed results assumed by ESCO Company.
Flexible financing conditions.
Minimizing the risks generated by the investment, these being taken over by the ESCO Company.
Implementing the project with a single supplier, able to provide both the financial and the technical solution.

Do you want to implement energy efficiency solutions, but you don’t have the necessary budget?