NeZEH – nearly zero energy hotel

28 Apr 2017

Energy costs (electricity and heat) have a significant share in total costs of a hotel.

In general, the largest energy consumption is caused by: HVAC 54%,  domestic hot water 19%, laundry 11%, lighting 5%, auxiliary equipment 4%, kitchen 3%, office equipment 2%, exterior 2%. In this context, the big challenge for hotels managers is to reduce energy costs and use, while improving comfort and customer satisfaction.

But how do you reach this objective? By becoming NeZEH – Nearly Zero Energy Hotel (a hotel with an energy use close to zero).

Why becoming NeZEH?


  • Reduce significantly your operating and maintenance costs.

For example, by optimizing the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system, you reduce the energy use by 70%, without affecting your customers’ satisfaction. Moreover, such an economy will ensure an additional investment budget, which can be directed to hotel development and increased profitability.

  • Become independent from the power grid.
  • Benefit from a number of financing opportunities for implementing efficiency solutions.


  • Set apart from other hotels through innovation and positioning in the “green” brands category.
  • Increase your hotel notoriety nationally and internationally.
  • Have access to a new market segment, with both individual and corporate clients concerned about the environment “health” and “sustainability”.
  • Become a leader in the hospitality sector.


  • Contribute to the welfare of the environment, by reducing CO2 emissions.
  • Increase the satisfaction of your clients, by providing them “green” services.
  • Increase the customer loyalty and hotel occupancy, by enhancing comfort and offering a unique experience.
  • Hotel’s commitment is “rewarded” by its clients, as they are willing to pay more to stay in a unit concerned with environmental sustainability.

Does it seem impossible? It is not!

So far, 3 hotels in Romania and 13 in Europe have been offered technical assistance in order to become hotels with almost zero energy use, benefiting from the project with European financing Nearly Zero Energy Hotel,

These include Hotel Cubix in Brasov. Here, our specialists have identified a potential energy use and costs savings of 75,38%, and also a number of technical solutions making the hotel NeZEH.

Some of our solutions for energy efficiency in buildings:

energy efficiency solitions for buildings