Photovoltaic panels

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Photovoltaic systems are designed to produce both industrial and household electrical energy by converting solar energy into electricity.

Photovoltaic systems can be used as stand-alone systems for powering consumers who are distant from the national power supply system or connected to the National Energy System.

Photovoltaic panels can be installed on the roof of industrial halls, commercial complexes or other roofs. For an evaluation of the various technologies there are a number of criteria that must be taken into account.

The correct choice of the main components of a photovoltaic system (photovoltaic panels and inverters) is a process that takes into account the technical parameters of the photovoltaic panels, the temperature variations, the variation coefficients with the temperature of the output power and the voltage at maximum photovoltaic panel power, solar irradiation, beach and maximum input voltage of the inverter, mounting location, panel layout, etc.

The benefits of installing a photovoltaic panels system:

  • Energy production is done through modern, non-polluting technologies with the use of renewable energy sources;
  • Reducing the dependence on energy produced by conventional technologies that use fossil fuels;
  • The possibility to provide electricity for lighting, water pumps, cooling pumps, domestic hot water, etc.;
  • A positive impact on the environment;
  • It can be used where there is no possibility of connection to the public energy network);
  • The investment pays off over time (the investment consists mainly in solar panels – up to 85% of the total installation cost).

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