Consultancy in implementing ISO 50001

Why should we implement the Energy Management System ISO 50001?

  • Because Servelect team wishes to contribute to the walefare of your company.
  • Thus, we assist you in the management of the energy and other utilities consumption, by a highly performance system, with clear define procedures and targeted results.
  • Because this way we become your long term ally in the improvement of the energy efficiency.
  • We provide support and help you to define your own consumption management procedures, with a view to establish an energy strategy in your company, in line with existing procedures.
  • We guarantee, by implementation and certification, a sustainable reduction in the annual energy costs and consumption with at least 2% against an agreed benchmark level.

Description of the service provided by Servelect:

  • Plan: conducting and Energy Audit.
  • Do: post-audit energy efficiency measures, as well as providing a utilities monitoring system.
  • Check: monitoring the energy performance.
  • Act: checking the functionality of the energy management system and proposing improvements on a permanent basis.

Your benefits from the collaboration with Servelect:

  • Increased energy performance of the organization.
  • Continuous tracing of the energy performance.
  • Use of the best practice of energy management.
  • Increased competitiveness of the organization.
  • Assistance in implementing the energy efficiency solutions.

Scope of application:

Organizations and any type and size, regardless the geographic, cultural or social conditions.