Audit for Utility Distribution Systems

Why Energy Audit for Utility Distribution Systems?

  • Because that way you shall benefit from a clear and realistic "radiography" of the way you distribute utilities, of the OTC ( technical and commercial losses), etc.
  • based on the optimized study of the circulation of electric powers or thermal loads, we identify the equipment with losses beyond the accepted benchmarks, non-complying meters, optimized distribution architectures, solutions for removing the bottlenecks in the networks.
  • Because the core purpose of the Energy Audit is to substantiate and estimate, by means of a cost-benefit analysis, feasible solutions for reducing OTC.

Description of Energy audit for Utility Distribution Systems as conducted by Servelect:

  • Defines in full agreement with the Beneficiary the boundary to be audited, focusing on the areas with potential for efficiency improvement.
  • Collects and analyses historical consumption data of the power consumers.
  • Performs energy measurements in terms of quality and quantity.
  • Performs Energy Auditing of the following systems:  

                                - electric power distribution on voltage levels: LV/MV/HV.

                                - production and distribution of the heat transfer fluid.

                                - production and distribution of the compressed air.

                                - distribution of hot/cold industrial and drinking water.

  • Stimulates the operating duties and calculates the circulation of the powers/flows/flow rates.
  • Determines the technical and commercial OTC.
  • Identifies the optimization solutions for operating modes.
  • Performs economic analyses for the proposed investment, by means of specific financial indicators.
  • Draws up a plan of measures and actions and establishes the order of priorities in terms of feasibility.
  • Submits to the Beneficiary a substantiated presentation of the post-audit results.

Your benefits from the implementation of the solution proposed by the Audit Report:

  • Reduced utilities consumption or related costs.
  • Return on investment on the account of the savings generated.
  • Monitoring and control of energy transport networks.
  • Increased operational safety and continuity.

Scope of application:

  • Distributors of electric power/thermal power/water/compressed air.
  • Any type of industry holding an infrastructure for the utilities mentioned.


Enel Distributie Dobrogea - electric grid

Enel Distributie Banat - electric grid

F.D.E.E Electrica Muntenia Nord - electric grid

Holcim - compressed air network

Cemacon -  heating ceramic blocks dryer

Pehart Tec -  steam production and distribution