Electrical Energy Audit

Why an Electrical Energy Audit?

  • Because it provides a clear and realistic "radiography" on how electric energy is consumed and also on the share of consumption per process phases and auxiliary flows.
  • Because the core propose of the Electrical Energy Audit is to substantiate and estimate, by means of a cost-benefit analysis, feasible solutions for improving the energy efficiency.

Description of an Electrical Energy Audit conducted by Servelect:

  • Defines in full agreement with the Beneficiary the electric boundary to be audited, focusing on the areas with potential for efficiency improvement.
  • Collects and analyses historical consumption and production data.
  • Performs electric energy measurements in terms of quality and quantity.
  • Performs calculations and prepares the actual electric energy balance.
  • Identifies organisational solutions, with immediate results.
  • Substantiates optimization solutions which are feasible from a technical point of view.
  • Performs calculations and prepares the optimized electric energy balance.
  • Performs economic analyses for the proposed investment, by means of specific financial indicators.
  • Draws up a plan of measures and actions and establishes the order of priorities in terms of feasibility.
  • Submits to the Beneficiary a substantiated presentation of the post-audit results.

Your benefits from the implementation of the solutions proposed by Audit Report:

  • Setting out an energy strategy, in relation with the development and increased production plans, with a view to a sustainable optimization of the specific cost per unit of product.
  • Return on investment on the account of the savings generated.
  • Monitoring and control of the energy and operating processes.
  • Reduced occupancy of the maintenance staff, by reducing the corrective maintenance of the plant.
  • Increased operational safety.

Scope of application:

  • All types of enterprises or buildings.
  • Electric power producers (CHE, CEE, CEF, CHP).
  • Urban public transportation companies using electric traction networks.


Electrical Energy Audit conducted by Servelect: Comau Romania, Antrepriza de Reparatii si Lucrari Cluj, Lapp Insulators, Sanex Lasselsberger, Wienerberger, Comelf, Enel Distributie Dobrogea, Plimob, Assa Abloy, Frauenthal Automotive, Cesiro etc.