Energy Management

Why conducting an Energy Management?

  • Because the Servelect team wishes to contribute to the welfare of your company. We assist you in the management of the energy an other utilities consumption. We monitor and identify consumption shares for each process area. We are tracking those Key Energy Parameters that can be controlled and have an influence over the energy consumption.
  • Because we identify the equipment with potential for reducing the consumption and costs.
  • Because we set out consumption targets by organizational interventions or implementation of optimization solutions; thus we achieve and maintain significantly reduced consumption.
  • Because this way we become your long term ally in the improvement of the energy efficiency.
  • Because we believe in "Energy Managers Power to Lead Efficiency".

Description of Energy Management conducted by Servelect:

  • Representation in the relationship with ANRE ( Regulatory Authority for Energy).
  • Preliminary assessment of the energy boundary.
  • Evaluation of energy performance.
  • Identification of the energy efficiency potential.
  • Proposals for an active monitoring system for consumption.
  • Proposals for Energy Audit.
  • Preparation for an energy efficiency program.


Your benefits from the collaboration with Servelect:

  • Optimal power management.
  • Providing training for using the monitoring and targeting systems.
  • Continuous monitoring of the energy performance.
  • Support in the relationship with ANRE.
  • Increasing the energy performance of the organization.
  • Improving the organization's competitiveness.
  • Assistance in implementing energy efficiency solutions.

Scope of application (enforce by law):

  • Producers and distributors of electric power/thermal power/water.
  • Any type of industry with consumption higher than 1000 toe/year.
  • Local public administrations over 20.000 inhabitants.
  • Business or administrative units with fleets of over 25 vehicles.


Energy Management services:  Becotek, Kronospan, Pehart Tec, Grandemar, Compania de Apa Somes, Sogeco Romania.