Why Feasibility Study instead of a direct implementation of the solution?

  • Because we position ourselves as an objective third party; any equipment rendering investment costs should be thoroughly documented.
  • Because we analyse several alternatives which are technically and economically feasible, before selecting the optimal solution. We take into account the controllable or foreseen factors and perform a sensitivity analysis for the variation in price between the fuel input and the energy output from the cogeneration system.

Description of the Feasibility Study conducted by Servelect:

  • Analysis of at least 3 feasible solutions (different fuels, different operating principles).
  • Heat requirement estimation.
  • Adequate sizing of solution.
  • Economic analysis of the proposed investment.
  • Achieving accreditation needed for bonus payments for cogeneration or green certificates.

Your benefits from the collaboration with Servelect:

  • Power-self generation.
  • Analysis of the feasibility of solutions from the following points of view: cost, efficiency, availability, flexibility and lifespan, environmental performance, risks.¬†

Scope of application:

  • Any simultaneous consumer of electricity and thermal power.
  • Utilities producers.


Studies conducted by Servelect: Cemacon, Hochland, Amann, Zaharul Oradea, Zaharul Ludus, Universitatea Tehnica din Cluj-Napoca, Compania de Apa Oradea.