Energy Quality

Why should we trace the energy quality?

Because the endurance of the electric equipment depends not only on how much they consume, but also on the type of energy supplied. Where voltage fluctuations of harmonic distortions appear frequently, in most cases the electronic equipment and the lighting appliances are affected by breakdowns and accelerad ageing.

We perform accurate measurements for the quality of energy, issue detailed reports on the events occurred, propose and implement solutions for avoiding and attenuating the voltage fluctuations and for filtering the harmonic distortions.

Description of the service proposed by Servelect:

The quality of electric power supply and especially the issues related to the continuity of supply have always been a major concern, since the power failures causes material damages.

In most of the cases, the deviations from the normal parameters of the energy quality indicators are accompanied by damages incurred by the consumer, lower productiveness, manufacturing waste, disturbances of the operating process which are longer than the period of power supply quality deviations, accidents, additional expenses with salaries, raw materials, power, etc.

Your benefits:

  • Reduction of electric energy costs.
  • Safety of power supply.