Why a Feasibility Study instead of a direct implementation of the solution?

  • Because we position ourselves as an objective third party; any equipment rendering investment costs should be thoroughly documented.
  • Because we analyse several alternatives which are technically and economically feasible, before selecting the optimal solution. Therefore, we DO NOT take into account the reduced consumption as a priority, but the quality and comfort of the lighting provided, to ensure safety and productiveness.
  • Because we aim to development of lighting technology and select the optimal and sustainable alternative, suitable to the lighting of your company premises.

Description of the Feasibility Study conducted by Servelect:

  • Assessment of the lighting cost share and the footprint of consumption by using the LENI indicator [kW/sqm/year].
  • Evaluation of the annual maintenance costs.
  • Assessment of the lighting level, illuminance, color temperature, color rendering index, as well as disturbing factors.
  • Evaluation of the visual comfort for employees.
  • Identification of the optimal lighting sources and appliances, combined with the lighting quality assurance and power consumption reduction.
  • Economic analysis of the proposed investment.

Your benefits from the collaboration with Servelect:

  • Identification of the optimal solutions for energy efficiency.
  • Increased visual comfort.
  • Consumption monitoring per production units.
  • Implementation of optimized lighting solutions.
  • Significant reduction in the consumption for lighting.
  • Carry out of post-implementation evaluations.

Scope of application:

  • Office buildings.
  • Production halls.
  • Building facades.
  • Platform area lighting.
  • Public lighting.


Studies conducted by Servelect: Comanu Romania, Winerberger, GST Automotive, Hotel Roman, Sanex Lasselsberger, Plimbo, Romconsulting.