Projects Approvals

Why should collaborate with us? 

  • For us, the authorizing/approving stages mean a next step before putting into effect the solutions of efficient production and/or use of energy.
  • We provide assistance in obtaining the permits and authorizations as part of the engineering process we make available for Beneficiaries.

Description of service proposed by Servelect:

  • Consultancy and presentation of the electric power projects submitted to various authorities for approval/certification.
  • Obtaining the permit for establishing power producing facilities.
  • Obtaining the permit for power (self-) generation.
  • Obtaining the conformity certification for obtaining green certificates.
  • Certification of the power production in order to benefit from high efficiency cogeneration bonus.
  • Attesting the power savings for the issuance of carbon certificates.
  • Attesting the power savings for the issuance of white certificates, etc.

Your benefits:

  • Achieving "a turnkey" project.

Scope of application:

  • Any electric power production project.