Maintenance in Industry

Description of the service proposed by Servelect:

  • Usually the question is not IF, but WHEN the equipment shall malfunction?
  • And yet, when we act proactively, we can turn the two situations mentioned above into unlikely events.
  • The service  of maintenance in industry means joint involvement in a timely verification and keeping the equipment in the best operating conditions.

Types of maintenance:

  • Corrective Maintenance - troubleshooting as a consequence of a defect or a power failure.
  • Preventive Maintenance - a list of well-defined procedures is prepared and, if necessary the equipment is replaced, according to a pre-established timetable.
  • Predictive Maintenance (or periodic diagnosis) - is performed as a result of a timely evaluation of the equipment. Factors are considered such as: age, stress caused by the environment, the importance of the equipment as part of the plant, etc., in order to decide actions should be taken.

Your benefits as a result of maintenance:

  • Guaranteeing people's safety and security.
  • Maintaining the performance of electric equipment.
  • Extending the lifespan of the equipment.
  • Preventing damages to the equipment.

Service scope of application:

1. Power transformers whereby:

  • Checking the status parameters of the insulation ( measuring the insulation resistance and gdb for coiling insulation, respectively measuring the dielectric rigidity and gdb for the oil in the tray and conserver).
  • The overhaul shall be performed on a yearly basis for the transformers with Sn < 63 MVA, Un < 110 kV.
  • The overhaul shall be performed on a yearly basis for the power transformers in the "cold reserve" operational status.

2. Synchronous generators and compensators.

3. AC motors.

4. Direct current machines.

5. Voltage transformers.

6. Current transformers.

7. 0.4-20 kV power cables.

8. Capacitors and batteries for power factor compensation.

9. Low voltage switchboards: switchgears, contractors, switchers, relays.

10. Storage battery.

11. Earthing installations:

  • Low voltage installations, except for the poles - every 2 years.
  • Underground exploitations - twice a year for the local ones and a year for the general network.


Projects of industrial maintenance conducted by Servelect: Ameco, Andromi, Cimpex, Avis 3000, Avicod etc.