Thermography of Electric Installations

Why should we perform an infrared inspection?
  • Because "A picture is worth a thousand words". "Words" which we provide you with in the form of a report together with the pictures, to highlight the possible contact or overheating issues, which undetected, in time may lead to equipment downtime and power failures.
  • Because by providing this service we wish to contribute to the sustainability and effectiveness of your assets.

Description of the service proposed by Servelect:

The infrared thermography is a modern method of viewing the thermal pattern at the object's surface and the method to measure these temperatures. The method is based on the fact that any object with a temperature above absolute zero (-273.150C) emits energy in the ambient in the form of infrared radiation (IR).

The warmer the body, the higher the energy emitted in the form of infrared radiation. Actually, the IR thermography realises a conversion from the invisible range (for human eye) into the visible range. Thus, the IR cameras allow identification of the issues of thermal nature quantifies them by non-contact measurement and shows the result in the form of detailed reports.

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Your benefits from the thermography:

  • The investigation is conducted remotely, without direct contact, with the equipment in operation, (in dynamic state), therefore in deal conditions for diagnosis.
  • It is a non-destructive technology, meaning that it does not interfere with the object or process under investigation whatsoever.
  • It is a non-invasive technology, meaning that it can be repeated as many times as required.
  • The investigation is conducted rapidly and efficiently, the defects being detected long before turning into damages, thus enabling to reduce the maintenance costs, by monitoring the overheat in the plans the risk of fire occurrence and labor force.
  • Significant reduction in the amounts or the insurance premiums, since by monitoring the overheating in the plants the risk of fire occurrence is mitigated.

Service scope of application:

  • Electric panels.
  • Industrial halls.
  • Electric transformers.
  • Power breakers.
  • Insulations.


Projects conducted by Servelect: Sogeco Romania, Ecovalor, Weidmuller, Artsana, Nestle Romania, Somarest, etc.