Designing Compressed Air Networks

Why designing Compressed Air Networks?

  • The key word is: efficiency! We produce efficiently - we distribute the heat efficiently, we minimize the losses on the network and, more importantly, we minimize the losses of compressed air.
  • Where redesigning is required for a network of compressed air, as proven by ground surveys and power and pneumatic measurements, we guarantee energy savings.

Description of the design service provided by Servelect:

  • Calculation of working pressure.
  • Calculation of air requirement and capacity reserve.
  • Sizing the centralized and decentralized compression stations:

                              - supply source.

                              - compressed air.

  • Compressed Air Distribution:

                              - Air tank.

                              - Lifting equipment.

                              - Distribution pipelines.

                              - Compressed air connections and fittings.

Your benefits from collaboration with Servelect:

  • Facilities properly sized according to your needs.
  • Significant reduction of consumption and compresses air costs.
  • Reduced occupancy of the maintenance staff, by reducing the corrective maintenance of the plants.
  • Increased operational safety.

Scope of application:

  • Compressed air production facilities for industrial and services sectors.
  • Auxiliary facilities in production processes.
  • Retrofitting the existing compressed air facilities.


Projects conducted by Servelect: Holcim, Comelf, Cesiro.