Designing Lighting Systems

Description of the service proposed by Servelect:

For us, the lighting systems design is regularly the next step of the Energy Audit of feasibility studies, by which we ensure both the light comfort and an optimal sizing and energy-efficient of the lighting circuits and appliances.

The lighting design is part of the engineering phase which Servelect performs on the Beneficiary's behalf, and thus we are able to take responsibility for the energy performance, comfort and safety of lighting solutions.

Light affects the human activity to a large extent. A proper amount of light contributes to an increased productiveness, reduced number of accidents, avoidance of errors. Electric lighting systems should provide a certain level of illumination, while meeting certain quality conditions, required by the subjective nature of the lighting. Besides, the lighting systems, in order to be economical, should feature a great adaptability to the various operating conditions, given the close correlation to the natural lighting.


Your benefits:

  • Reduced power consumption.
  • Upgrade of the facility to European Standards enforced.

Scope of application: 

  • Indoors and outdoors industrial lighting systems.
  • Safety lighting.


Projects conducted by Servelect: Deko Rame, Sanex Lasselsberger.