Electrical Design

Description of the designing service proposed by Servelect:

Servelect is a company holding the C1A certification issued by ANRE for the design of aerial or underground electric lines, with voltages between 0.4 and 20 kV and transformers substations.

For us, the electrical design is regularly the next step of Energy Audit or feasibility studies, by which we ensure an optimal sizing and energy efficiency of the production and consumption installations.

The design is part of the engineering phase which Servelect performs on the Beneficiary's behalf, and thus we are able to take responsibility for the energy performance of the identified efficiency solutions.

Your benefits from the collaboration with us:

  • Collaboration with a single supplier for both sizing and project execution, without having to apply to other interagents in various phase of the project.

Scope of application: 

Networks and transformers substations up to 20 kV.

Atestat ANRE