Thermal Design

Why should we design Heat Distribution Networks?

  • The key word is: efficiency! We produce efficiently - we distribute the heat efficiently, we minimize the losses on the network and, more importantly, we minimize the losses in the generation equipment.
  • Where redesigning is required for networks of hot air, steam, hot air, steam, hot water, as proven by ground surveys and measurements, we guarantee energy savings.

Description of the design service provided by Servelect:

  • Sizing of the heat production and distribution facilities.
  • Sizing of residual heat recovering facilities.
  • Thermal integration - PINCH.
  • Selection of energy-efficiency equipment.

Your benefits from the collaboration with Servelect:

  • Properly sized facilities suitable for your requirements.
  • Minimization of the heat and cold requirements by integration.
  • Optimization of the facilities operation by monitoring and control.
  • Consistency by integrated design and relation with the feasibility influence factors.

Scope of application:

  • Heat generation facilities for industrial and services sectors.
  • Auxiliary facilities in production processes.
  • Retrofitting the existing thermal facilities.
  • Residual heat recovery facilities.
  • Cogeneration facilities.
  • Solar panels facilities.
  • Renewable heat sources.
  • Heat pumps.


Projects conducted by Servelect: Cesiro.