Technical Due Dilligence

Why Technical Due Diligence?

Servelect offers a service that evaluates both infrastructure and equipment, and the potential for energy optimization in a production facility or building, before or after this asset, is subject to a transaction.
In this way, the owner will know the exact situation of the facility and the potential for increasing its energy efficiency. Servelect can contribute by implementing feasible solutions and guarantees the increased energy performance.

Description of Technical Due Diligence service conducted by Servelect:

  • Collects and analyses historical consumption and production data.
  • Performs energy measurements in terms of quality and quantity.
  • Analyses the technical condition of the building.

                                       - Geometric characteristics of the envelope.

                                       - Thermal characteristics of the building.

  • Substantiates the refurbishment/revamping solutions which are feasible from a technical point of view.
  • Performs economic analyses for the proposed investment, by means of specific financial indicators.
  • Draws up a plan of measures and actions and establishes the order of priorities in terms of feasibility.

Your benefits from the implementation of the solutions:

  • You  benefit from a clear and realistic "radiography" of the building/production facility.
  • Reduced consumption of electric power and/or fuels.
  • Setting out an energy strategy, in relation with the development and increased production plans, with a view to a sustainable optimization of the specific cost per unit of product.
  • Return on investment on the account of the savings generated.
  • Monitoring and control of the energy and operating processes.