Compensating the Capacitive Reactive Energy

Why compensating the capacitive reactive energy?

  • Because it is a expedite solution with immediate results, visible in the energy bill.
  • Because we commit, based on a contract, to reduce the costs of the reactive energy. We have over 500 of such solutions implemented.

Description of the solution proposed by Servelect:

  • In case the energy consumers are supplied by long cables, often happens that energy bill contains a very large quantity of capacitive reactive energy.
  • This is due to the cable capacity and can be eliminated by installing properly sized special coils.
  • Servelect provides turnkey capacitive reactive energy compensation services and guarantees the results on the basis of a contract.

Your benefits from the solution implementation:

  • Economic - By installing properly sized modules for compensating the losses in the cables (OHL/UL), the amount of your enegy bill is reduced by up to 80%; therefore the investment is paid back in less than 6 months from installation.
  • Technical - Reducing the reactive component of the current transited by NPS networks.

Scope of application:

Consumers supplied by long medium or high voltage cables.


Projects conducted by Servelect: Renovation Trading, Tonello Energie, Egnatia ROM, Zaharul Oradea etc.