Compensating the Inductive Reactive Energy

Why compensating the inductive reactive energy?

  • Because it is a expedite solution with immediate results, visible in the energy bill.
  • Because Servelect is committed, based on a contract, to reduce the costs of the reactive energy.

New legislative previsions:

Starting with 01.01.2015, the new legislation (Regulatory Authority for Energy Order no. 33/2014) states that:

  • The payment of reactive energy is no longer paid on a monthly basis, but on an hourly basis.
  • Thus, the users who have an electronic meter pay the reactive energy measured on an hourly basis.

How is your company affected?

  • If you have an electronic meter for electricity, it is likely that it is recorded on a hourly basis and therefore billed, if the power factor is below 0.90.
  • Furthermore, if power factor is under 0.65, you will have to pay 3 times the regulated price for the inductive reactive energy.

Description of the solution proposed by Servelect:

The inductive reactive energy is necessary for the magnetization of the motors, to make them work.

It is generated by the coils in the consumer's circuit, but it is not consumed, it circulates back and forth between the consumer and energy producer.

The electric power supplier invoices also the reactive energy to the consumer, since the circulation of the reactive energy absorbed by the consumer creates additional losses in the supplier's distribution networks.

Baterii de condensatoare 1

Therefore, the reactive energy only circulates between the producer and consumer, more precisely between electric equipment which in most occasions are capacitors ( at the producer's) and coils (at the consumer's).

If this circulation of reactive energy is restricted between the consumer/producer separation limit and the receptors of the consumer's internal installation, the energy losses caused in the energy distribution network will be prevented and there will be no reactive energy to invoice.

Your benefits from the solution implementation:

  • Economic - By installing properly sized modules for compensating the losses in the transformer, by correctly sized automated or fixed equipment, the amount of your energy bill is reduced by up to 80%; therefore the investment is paid back in less than 6 months from installation.
  • Technical - The availability level of the transformer increases (the load decreases), the reactive requirement is produced where it is consumed, and the reactive energy is no longer circulated through the supplier's distribution lines.

Scope of solution implementation:

  • Motors.
  • Transformers.
  • Lighting systems.
  • Pumps.


Projects conducted by Servelect: Comelf, Siemens, Assa Abloy, Zaharul Oradea, Perpetuum etc.