Microturbine cogeneration solutions help you to produce the electrical and thermal energy you need, with high efficiency, becoming the ideal solution to control energy costs.

Servelect – Capstone dealer in Romania.

Reliable and clean energy

One moving part

Low maintenance and replacement costs.

Air bearing technology

No lubricating oil or liquid coolants

Clean residual heat

Thermal energy for cogeneration/trigeneration.

Wide range of fuels

It works on gaseous, renewable and liquid fuels.

Grid Connect or Stand Alone

Low costs during peak times of energy demand.

Remote monitoring

Monitor the performance of the installation 24/7.


Integrating a turbine dedicated to aviation applications with a magnetic generator, advanced power electronics and a patented air bearing technology, Capstone microturbines are the ideal solution for distributed energy production.

Scalable from 30kW to 30MW, Capstone microturbines use several types of fuels, including natural gas, LPG/CNG, propane, exhaust gas, waste gas, digester gas, diesel, aviation fuel or kerosene.

This solution is feasible if:


You have a minimum heat consumption of at least 7000 hours/year, both in summer and in winter.

No matter what form: hot air/hot water/steam/cold


You have access to gas fuel in any form including biogas.

But also if:


You have installations that efficiently produce the thermal energy you need, but they are not producing electricity.


You want to generate your energy locally based on a gas fuel with a high energy quality.

In this case, the existence of the public energy network is not necessary.

Legislative regulations

Law no. 188/2018 regarding the limitation of air emissions of certain pollutants from average combustion plants

Emission limit values ​​(mg / Nm3) for new engines and gas turbines

Electric and thermal energy production for:


Food, Cement industry, plastics, Paper manufacture


Hotels, SPA Centers, Retail, Office buildings, Hospitals, Data Center


For all upstream, midstream and downstream production stages


Wastewater treatment plants, Water companies

Implemented projects

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Food industry

5 C60 Microturbines

Food industry

C1000 Microturbine

Plastic materials

C600 Microturbine

Cement industry

2 C1000 Microturbines

Public institutions

5 C60 Microturbines

Spa center

C200 Microturbine


12 C65 Microturbines


C1000 Microturbine

A wide range of applications

Control your energy costs!

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