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What is cogeneration?

Cogeneration is the simultaneous production of electricity (to supply various equipment) and thermal heat (used in the form of technological steam, heat or hot water), with the same installation, both types being used as a utility.

Scalable from 30kW to 30MW, Capstone turbine solutions help you produce the electrical and thermal energy you need, with high efficiency, thus becoming the ideal solution to have control over your energy costs.

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When the cogeneration system is feasible?

If the thermal energy produced by the cogeneration system cannot be used 100% throughout the year, including summer, the economic efficiency of the investment decreases or disappears. The implementation of a cogeneration system is feasible when:

There is a simultaneous consumption of electrical and hot air/steam/hot water/cold water/cooling.

Cost ratio MWh electrical/MWh gas or fuel for thermal agent >3.

You use the system for more than 5000-6000 hours/year.
The energy invoice has a significant share of your operations cost.
You want to increase production capacity.
You want to upgrade the thermal power plant.

The benefits of using Capstone turbines …

… compared to alternative technologies

Only one moving part

Patented air bearing technology – no lubricants or coolants needed, longer service intervals, low operating cost.

Over 100 moving parts

All these parts have friction, require periodic lubrication and cooling. Thus, operating and maintenance costs will be higher.


Emissions of 18 mg / m3 NOx compared to 50 mg / m3 required by current legislation

Clean technology, compatible with the legislation in force, the greenhouse gas emissions being extremely low.


Emissions of 500 mg / m3 NOx compared to 200 mg / m3 required by current legislation

They do not comply with European legislation or, in order to comply, require complex and expensive accessories.

Minimal maintenance

Low operating costs and few breaks (max. 6 hours break in the first year of operation), availability of up to 98%.

Frequent maintenance

Maintenance and pauses every 1000/1500 operating hours for changing oils, coolant.

No additional cooling system required

Low maintenance, can work 24/24 regardless of the operation mode.

Require special cooling conditions

Other technologies require special cooling conditions, which limits their use.


Frequently used for steam production

Simple technological steam production system, with maximum efficiency and low cost.


Challenging when we need steam

It only partially uses the recovered heat to produce steam, due to its own cooling needs.

Non-reimbursable financing of up to 60% through POIM 6.4 for the implementation of a cogeneration system

Implemented projects

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The cement industry

2 C1000 Microturbines

Food industry

C600 Microturbine

Plastics industry

1 Microturbine C600

Wastewater treatment plant

1 Microturbine CR600

A wide range of applications

Capstone Turbine offers you a wide range of applications for Oil&Gas industry (upstream, midstream and downstream production stages), wastewater treatment plants, slaughterhouses, dairy industry, beer production, fruits and vegetable processing, production of dehydrated food, pharmaceutical manufacturing, production of bricks and AAC blocks, paper industry, production of silicates, production of bedding for cats.

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