Reactive power compensation

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Why compensate the reactive energy?

  • Because it is a rapid energy efficiency solution with immediate results, visible in the energy bill.
  • Because we commit, on the basis of a contract, to reduce the costs of the reactive energy.

New legislative previsions:

  • The payment of reactive energy is no longer paid on a monthly basis, but on an hourly basis.
  • Thus, the users who have an electronic meter pay the reactive energy measured on an hourly basis.

How is your company affected?

  • If you have an electronic meter for electricity, it is likely that it is recorded on a hourly basis and therefore billed, if the power factor is below 0.90.
  • Furthermore, if power factor is under 0.65, you will have to pay 3 times the regulated price for the inductive reactive energy.

When does the inductive reactive energy appear?

Inductive reactive energy occurs because of the coils in the consumer circuit that are not consumed but only circulates between the consumer and the energy producer.

The operator will also invoice the reactive energy because its circulation causes additional losses in distribution networks. Removing it from the invoice is made with the condenser batteries.

When does the capacitive reactive energy appear?

If energy consumers are powered by long cables, it often happens to record a significant amount of capacitive reactive energy.

This is due to the capacity of the cable and can be eliminated by installing specially dimensioned coils.

Your benefits from the solution implementation:

Reducing monthly reactive energy costs by 98% – 100%.
The investment pays off in less than 6 months from installation.
The availability level of the transformer increases.
Reducing the reactive component of the electrical power transiting through the national grid.


Projects conducted by Servelect: Renovatio Trading, Tonello Energie, Egnatia ROM, Comelf, Siemens, Assa Abloy, Perpetuum etc.

Why pay for the energy you don’t consume?