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Why optimize the lighting system?

Generally, the lighting has a share of about 2-5% of total energy use, in case of industrial and commercial consumers.

The industrial and commercial LED lighting projects generate savings which insures an additional investment budget, which can be oriented towards the company’s development and the increase of its profitability.

By optimizing the lighting system, we ensure that we use the light efficiently, controlling the supply voltage, applying daylight and motion sensors, but also implementing effective and sustainable light sources, to ensure optimal bright comfort.

Description of LED lighting system proposed by Servelect:

LED equipment contains a light-emitting diode. Simpler, the “LED” is an electronic component, a semiconductor. When current passes through the diode, this will light, releasing very little heat. A LED luminaire has a very high efficiency compared to other technologies, such as halogen lamps or incandescent lamps, whose yields are significantly lower.

To meet current challenges, Servelect implements turnkey projects for the modernization of industrial and commercial lighting in order to help increase profitability and welfare of beneficiary companies.

Each lighting modernization project conducted by Servelect comprises the following steps:

Beneficiary needs assessment (technical data acquisition, achieving energy measurements, bright-technical assessment, establishing restrictions/conditions).
Drafting the technical and commercial offer (establishing the required luminaries, performing the bright-technical project, proposing the funding methods).
Implementing the project (presentation of execution graphic on phases, dismantling and assembling devices, drive and control system installation, tests and samples etc.).
Project assessment.

Benefits after implementing the solution:

Reducing energy use and costs.
Increasing employees’ productivity.
LED lighting systems allow correct distribution of light.
The lifespan of approx. 10-15 years.
Low maintenance costs.
Withstand to extreme temperatures, of +/-50 Celsius degrees.
Safety and operational resistance.
Compatibility with most existing power supplies.

Lighting modernization projects implemented by Servelect:

TMD Friction
Toyota Material Handling
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