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Why a Complex Energy Audit?

  • Because that way you shall benefit from a thorough, clear and realistic “radiography” of the way the energy is consumed both electric-wise and thermal-wise by determining the share of consumption per process phase and auxiliary flows.
  • Because the core purpose of the Complex Audit is to substantiate and estimate, by means of a cost-benefit analysis, feasible solutions for improving the energy efficiency.

Legislative framework

According to Law 121/2014 on energy efficiency, with subsequent additions and amendments:

  • Economic operators consuming more than 1,000 tonnes of oil equivalent per year (toe/year) must conduct an energy audit every 4 years on the entire energy contour.
  • Economic operators consuming less than 1,000 tonnes of oil equivalent per year (toe/year), with the exception of SMEs, must conduct an energy audit of the entire energy consumption contour every 4 years.

Description of the Complex Energy Audit conducted by Servelect:

  • Defines in full agreement with the Beneficiary the boundary to be audited, focusing on the areas with potential for efficiency improvement.
  • Collects and analyses historical consumption and production data.
  • Performs energy measurements in terms of quality and quantity.
  • Performs calculations and prepares the actual energy balance.
  • Identifies organizational solutions, with immediate results.
  • Substantiates optimization solutions which are feasible from a technical point of view.
  • Identifies organizational solutions, with immediate results.
  • Performs calculations and prepares the optimized energy balance.
  • Performs economic analyses for the proposed investment, by means of specific financial indicators.
  • Draws up aplan of measures and actions and establishes the order of priorities in terms of feasibility.
  • Submits to the Beneficiary a substantiated presentation of the post-audit results.

The most important chapter of the energy audit:

The Action and Measure Plan provides answers to the following questions:

Your benefits from the implementation of the solutions proposed by the Audit Report:


Set out an energy strategy, in relation with the development and production enhancement plans, with a view to a sustainable optimization of the specific cost per unit of product.


Optimise the performance of the industrial equipment or machinery: cooling and air compressors, furnaces, thermal plants, ventilation and pumping systems, mills, homogenizers etc.


Return on investment on the account of the savings generated

Monitoring and control of the energy and technological processes.
Reduced occupancy of the maintenance staff, by reducing the corrective maintenance of the plant.

Complex Energy Audit conducted by Servelect:

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Let’s find out where, when and especially how energy is used in your company!