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Why should we trace the energy quality?

Because the reliability of electric equipment depends not only on how much they consume, but also on what kind of energy it is supplied with. Where voltage fluctuations of harmonic distortions appear frequently, in most cases the electronic control equipment and the lighting appliances are affected by breakdowns and accelerated ageing.

We perform accurate measurements for the quality of energy, issue detailed reports on the events occurred, propose and implement solutions for avoiding and mitigating the voltage fluctuations and for filtering the harmonic distortions.

Description of the service proposed by Servelect:

The Electric Energy Quality (EEQ) is a complex concept of assessing the quality level of the electric energy, expressed by a system of indicators, the values of which when determined for a certain knot or a certain time interval, can be compared to the corresponding optimal or allowed values.

EEQ combined with the operating safety and the electromagnetic compatibility of the installations with the environment where they operate, defines and determines the quality of the power supply service.

EEQ indicators system addresses the following aspects:

Frequency deviations.
Variations of the voltage root mean square value.
Deviations of voltage from the ideal form.
Deviations of voltage and currents system form the phase symmetry.

Your benefits from the measurements:

Economic – prevents equipment damages, overheating and safe mode initiation.
Technical – prevents the risk of early ageing of the consumers and their stoppage in the middle of the process ( if the proposed solutions are implemented).


Saint Gobain, Ursus Breweries, Upruc CTR etc.

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