What is a frequency converter?
A frequency converter (Variable Speed Drive) is an equipment used in electromechanical systems to control the rotation speed, torque, frequency and voltage at the input of an AC asynchronous motor.
What are the advantages of implementing variable speed applications?
The main advantages are electrical (reduced energy consumption at lower speed of the motor, power factor correction, speed adjusted to the process, reduced start-up current) and mechanical (smooth start, reduced mechanical shocks in the transmission gears).
What is a PLC and what it is used for?
The PLC (Programmable Logic Controller or programmable automaton) is an equipment offering a large range of possibilities to monitor and control several process parameters, to define functions and relations between these parameters, etc., from simple control and interlocking applications to complex motion control applications.


What is a SCADA system?
SCADA is an acronym for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition and describes any application which collects process data with the purpose to control, supervise and report the respective process data.
What is a telemetering system?
It is a direct interface with the load dispatcher, which makes possible the acquisition of energy parameters, displaying them in real time, archiving and reporting them in graphic and tabular format.
How can telemetering system help us?
A telemetering system monitors in real time the parameter metering points, displays in real time the block diagram of the consumers network, archives the parameters history, reports by curve diagrams or tables every single metering point and reacts to alarm thresholds displaying explicit messages.
What is energy efficiency?
The energy efficiency is defined as a plan of feasible measures and actions implemented in a company with the purpose to improve and monitor the performance of the respective company.


What is maintenance management?
Maintenance management is a number of measures and actions which enable the equipment to be restored to a pre-set condition (in operating parameters) or able to provide a certain service and in the same time to minimize the maintenance costs.
In what type of industries this system can be implemented?
The production monitoring system can be implemented in any plant or enterprise with large-scale production, while the maintenance management system can be implemented in any institution where there is an equipment requiring periodical maintenance.
Can these systems be also implemented on existing equipment?
Yes, they can be implemented on a virtually any production equipment.