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Why making the transition from low voltage to medium voltage?

The transition from low to medium voltage means in fact moving the propriety limit between You an the electric power Distributor, transferring the transformer in your yard, thus eliminating a significant cost from your energy bill.

Shifting the propriety limit means having your own transformer substation, which is more robust, more reliable in terms of power supply and in which you have to intervene just once in several years? The cost balance is strongly in the company’s advantage.

Description of the service proposed by Servelect:

The electric power distribution tax is charge imposed per MWh of consumed power and is included in the energy bill. Trough the project of transition from low to medium voltage the above tax is eliminated and the energy bill decreases by 125 RON/MWh, which is about 20-25% of the total amount of the bill.

Therefore, the monthly working budget automatically obtained after the transition project completion, trough the energy bill cut, is oriented to the investment amortization.

Servelect provides turnkey projects (design, funding, implementation), payments being deducted from savings actually generated. The Beneficiary pays from the generated savings in monthly installments until project is completely paid back, without making financial efforts and without affecting the cash flow.

The first stage of the project is the elaboration of a Feasibility Study, in order to identify the optimal solution from technical and economic point of view for the transition.

Your benefits from the solution implementation:

Reducing the costs of the energy bill by approx. 20%.
Increasing the power supply safety.

Scope of application:

Medium and large consumers (usually over 200 kW power input), supplied by low voltage lines.


Studies conducted by Servelect: Aquabis, Quantal Prima etc.

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