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ISO 50001 – Sustainable Energy Management in Your Company

Developed by energy management experts from over 60 countries, the ISO 50001 Energy Management System provides an internationally recognized framework for integrating best energy management practices into your company’s management system.

The use of ISO 50001 gives you the opportunity to adopt a strategic approach to increase the energy performance of your company.

The ISO 50001 standard provides benefits to any type of organization in the public or private sector, in manufacturing or services.

It replaces the ISO 16001: 2004 standard and is compatible with the ISO 9000: 2008 Quality Management Standard and the ISO 14001: 2004 Environmental Management System standard. It can also be integrated with other ISO certifications due to the similar structure.

Why is the implementation of the ISO 50001 standard important?

For any organization energy represents an indispensable resource and an important cost item. Besides having a significant share in the specific costs of an organization, its use and consumption attract a number of other costs such as environmental or social costs (increased CO2 emissions, resource depletion and climate change).

You, as an individual organization, have no way to control energy prices, political regulations or the evolution of the global economy. But you have the opportunity to improve how you use energy! Increasing energy performance will bring immediate benefits, resulting in a significant reduction in energy consumption and costs.

The implementation of the ISO 50001 energy management system has an impact on energy consumption and costs but also on the whole company:

Increase company’s profitability and employee commitment, strengthen the company’s image.
Sales and marketing
Increase customer trust and satisfaction through a responsible approach to the environment.
Production departments will be more responsible in terms of efficient energy management in the short and long term.
In the acquisition process, equipment / machines / cars with a high energy performance will be analyzed, which will reduce long-term costs.
The legal department of your company will be permanently informed about the energy legislation that could have an impact on your company.

Your benefits from the collaboration with Servelect:

Sustain the company’s profitability by reducing energy costs.
Get significant energy savings by implementing energy efficiency solutions.
Get a competitive advantage on the market by increasing the added value to your customers.
Fulfil the legislative requirements on energy efficiency targets for GHG and CO2 emissions.
Eliminate the risk of being penalized or fined due to non-compliance.

Prove that you have a responsible approach to the environment, which can influence the customer in the buying decision process.

Strengthen your company image and help increase customer / investor satisfaction.
Increase possibilities to address new segments of consumers / investors and new opportunities.
Benefit from a competitive advantage in company development.
You help to reduce the impact of CO2 emissions on the environment.

Benefit from the necessary framework to promote an energy management system throughout the supply chain.

Increase transparency and communication in terms of energy resource management.

What role does Servelect has in implementing ISO 50001 within your company?

We assist you in managing energy and other utilities consumption through a performance, clearly and results-oriented system.
We assist and document the power management procedures; procedures should be simple and easy to apply.
We prepare the setting up of an energy strategy in your company, aligned and harmonized with the existing procedures.
We guarantee, through implementation and certification, the sustainable reduction of annual energy costs and consumption.

We implement the MOVI measurement and verification system, which will help you actively monitor energy consumption.

By implementing ISO 50001 you have the opportunity to move from a traditional approach to energy management …

… to an effective approach to energy management.                                                  

Do you want to benefit from an energy-efficient management system?