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Servelect Solutions:


Become independent from the
power grid.


Increase the energy efficiency of your company.

Industrial automation

Reduce energy consumption.

Transition from LV/MV

Reduce electricity bill by approximately 20%.

Reactive power compensation

Reduce monthly costs with reactive energy by 98% – 100%.

Harmonic filtration

Prevent equipment failure and overheating.

Electric panels modernization

Increase safety in power supply.

LED lighting

Increase the productivity of your employees.

Electric panels

Benefit from a long-term investment and safety in power supply.

Smart metering system MOVI

Identify energy waste and related costs in real time.

SCADA System

Help to increase the life of your equipment.

BMS System

Improve the comfort and safety of buildings.
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Photovoltaic panels

Become independent from the power grid.

Servelect Services:

Industry energy manager

Increase the organization’s competitiveness and performance.

Local energy manager

Benefit from sustainable energy solutions.


Have a clear picture of your energy efficiency potential.

Energy audit

Get an overview of the energy consumption.

Technical design

Optimally and efficiently measure power plants.


Identify defects in time before it manifests as damage.

Analyze energy quality

Prevent the risk of premature aging of consumers.

Feasibility studies

Identify optimal energy efficiency solutions.

ESCO funding

Investments with a positive impact on cash-flow.

ISO 50001

Sustainable increase of company profit.
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