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Description of the solution proposed by Servelect:

The Building Management System addresses the supervised control of the equipment installed in a building, with a view to reduce the energy consumption, to optimize the operation and to increase the comfort and safety. A BMS system can monitor and control:

  • Air conditioning and heating system.
  • Indoors and outdoors lighting.
  • Power, gas and water supply system.
  • Various automations of the building, such as opening the windows, hatches, doors, etc.
Information from the other systems of the building can be also integrated:

  • Security and access control system.
  • Fire detection and alarming system.
  • Anti-theft and video surveillance system.
  • Sound reinforcement and public address system.
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) and generators system.

Your benefits from the implementation of solutions:

Reduction and control of the energy consumption.
Quickening the reaction time in case of failures.
Easy maintenance.
Increased comfort.
Real time monitoring system for the parameters.
Reducing equipment downtime.
Possibility of remote visualizing and control.
Flexibility in the future development of the system.

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