Compensating the reactive energy in renewable energy farms

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Why compensate the capacitive reactive energy?

  • Because it is a rapid energy efficiency solution with immediate results, visible in the energy bill.
  • Because we commit, on the basis of a contract, to reduce the costs of the reactive energy.

Description of the solution proposed by Servelect:

Most of the renweable electric energy suppliers are connected to the distribution network by means of transformers and electric lines.

When the power plants stop to produce energy for various reasons (e.g. by night in case of solar stations or when the wind ceases to blow in case of wind-power stations), the transformer and the active lines remain powered, and the power station absorbs or release reactive energy, depending on the case.

Your benefits from the solution implementation:

Economic – your energy bill is reduced by up to 98%-100%, therefore the investment pays off in less than 6 months from installation.
Technical – Reducing the reactive component of the current transiting the national grid.


Projects conducted by Servelect: Renovatio Trading, Tonello Energie, Egnatia ROM, JUWI Energii Regenerabile etc.

Eliminate the reactive energy from your energy bill! Contact us.