Energy Efficiency Management

Why investing in Energy Efficiency?

  • We believe in a competitive industrial and business environment.
  • We offer you the cheapest form of energy: the saved energy!
  • We want your business "healthy" and energy efficient.
  • Our goal is to support the families of those who work in your company.
  • Because together we create added value for people, industry and the environment.

How to reduce energy consumption and costs?

  • By identifying energy efficiency solutions as part of the of the Energy Audit for electrical and thermal installations.
  • By funding identified solutions: we provide the funds needed to implement the energy efficiency project and recover the investment out of the resulting savings.
  • By implementing the solutions and assuming their performance.

Description - Stages of "Energy Efficiency Management" concept:


Example of ESCO funding scheme for the solutions implemented as a result of the Energy Audit:


ESCO Financing

The solutions proposed and substantiated as part of the Energy Audit, the implementation of which Servelect is able to perform on a turnkey basis include:

Your benefits resulted from the implementation of an energy efficiency project:

  • Increased market competitiveness as a result of reduced energy consumption and costs.
  • Financing provided by Servelect for the implementation of the feasible solutions proposed as part of the Energy Audit, with repayments from the resulting savings and without negatively impacting the cash flow.
  • Continuous and sustained development of your company, trough a permanent concern for energy efficiency.
  • Outstanding contribution to an improved welfare of the families of your company's employees, by providing permanent jobs.


ESCO projects implemented by Servelect: Cesiro.