Why a water balance?

  • Because you will benefit from a clear and realistic “radiography” of how you capture, treat, transport, accumulate and distribute potable water, according to the legal requirements imposed by ANRSC;
  • Because the focus of the study is to identify water losses for each water supply network and avoiding additional charging, including the VAT rate, related to the level of water losses.

Description of the service provided by Servelect:

Analysis of consumption at the level of water supply systems in order to establish:

  • Water consumption;
  • Technological consumption and water loss;
  • Measures to improve the exploitation and to reduce water losses, energy consumption, respectively to reduce the impact on the environment;
  • Modern solutions to locate water losses.

Your benefits following the Implementation of the proposed Solutions:

Organizational solutions to reduce water losses.
Water pressure management using GIS maps correlated with the SCADA control of the pumping valves.
Active management of water losses.

Infrastructure investments.


Water balances made by Servelect: Aquabis, Aquatim, etc.

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