DALI - Authorization Documentation for Intervention Works

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What is DALI?

Authorization documentation for an intervention within a building involves the detailed analysis of several energy efficiency solutions package for increasing the energy efficiency and comfort of people who are operating in the building.

What does Servelect do in a DALI project?

Servelect ensures that DALI is correlated with the Energy Audit Report, with the documentation, and makes sure that the benefits and costs assessments are consistent.

Your benefits from the solution implementation:

Well done documentation is the key of success in accessing ESCO or non-reimbursable funding, to begin the actual modernization of the building.

From the experience that Servelect has with local or central public authorities, or with private companies, the chances of financing a project and further optimizing the costs with the actual execution of the modernization are closely related to the technical and economic indicators of DALI, correlation and suitability of documentation.


The best example is the DALI for Police Buildings and SRI Cluj, which received the highest score in POR 3.1.b grant funding, and in which Servelect had the role of coordinating the energy efficiency solutions packages.

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