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Why an Energy Audit on the industrial site?

  • Because that way you shall benefit from a clear and realistic “radiography” of the way you produce and/or distribute utilities to your customers on the industrial site.
  • Because we identify areas with losses, as well as the optimized way of centralized or distributed production of electrical or thermal power from renewable sources, etc.
  • Because the core purpose of the Audit is to substantiate and estimate, by means of a cost-benefit analysis, feasible solutions for improving the energy efficiency, with a view to provide efficient and sustainable utilities to the beneficiaries on the industrial site.

Description of energy Audit on industrial sites as conducted by Servelect:

  • Defines in full agreement with the Beneficiary the boundary to be audited, focusing on the areas with potential for efficiency improvement.
  • Collects and analyses historical consumption data of the tenants.
  • Performs energy measurements in terms of quality and quantity.
  • Performs calculations and prepares the actual energy balance, at group level.
  • Identifies organizational solutions, with immediate results.
  • Substantiates optimization solutions which are feasible from a technical point of view.
  • Performs calculations and prepares the optimized energy balance, at group level.
  • Performs economic analyses for the proposed investment, by means of specific financial indicators.
  • Draws up a plan of measures and actions and establishes the order of the priorities in terms of feasibility.
  • Submits to the Beneficiary a substantiated presentation of the port-audit results.

Your benefits from the implementation of the solutions proposed by the Audit Report:

Remote monitoring of the energy consumption and protections status – SCADA.
Reduce losses of energy, air, heat or chill transfer fluid in the distribution systems.
Increased operational safety.
Optimized architectures of the electric power supply systems, in order to reach a minimal OPC (own process consumption).
Local production of electrical and thermal energy from renewable sources
Recovery of residual heat from the thermal processes on the site.

Scope of application:

  • Industrial sites.
  • Commercial centers.
  • Logistics platforms.


Audit on Industrial Sites conducted by Servelect: Holzindustie, Comelf, Plimbo, Sanex Lasselsberger, Cesiro etc.

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