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Why a vehicle fleet Energy Audit?

• Because that way you shall benefit from a clear and realistic “radiography” of the fuel consumption, by specific indicators such as litre/km/ton transported.
• Because the core purpose of the Audit is to substantiate and estimate, by means of a cost-benefit analysis, feasible solutions for reducing the fuel consumption.
• Using the software programs you hold or implement and the training conducted for the vehicle drivers, we set out targets for an optimized consumption and we achieve such targets!

Description of Energy Audit for vehicle fleet conducted by Servelect:

• Collects and analyses historical consumption data.
• Determines performance indicators – KPIs.
• Benchmarking.
• Identifies solutions for increased efficiency and reduced consumption.
• Performs economic analyses for the proposed investment, by means of specific financial indicators.
• Draws up a plan of measures and actions and establishes the order of priorities in terms of feasibility.
• Submits to the Beneficiary a substantiated presentation of the post-audit results.

Your benefits from the implementation of the solutions proposed by the Audit Report:

Organizational and optimization solutions for the routes and planned stops.
Modern systems for positioning the vehicles and monitoring the fuel consumption.
Solutions for complying with low taxes pollution classes.
Return on investment by the savings generated.

Scope of application:

  • Commercial vehicles fleet for urban or international transportation of passengers or goods.
  • Targeting minimal specific consumption related to the: vehicle, user, route, fuel.


Car Fleet Audit conducted by Servelect: ROMGAZ Sircoss, Enel Distributie Banat.

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